Make your event engaging with a custom ADE Virtual Photo Booth, that is sure to make everyone smile, snap and share. Let our Virtual Photo Booth add that extra energy to your event.

Whether it’s a corporate conference with a global reach, an academic affair like a graduation or personal occasions like weddings or birthdays with friends and family near and far, ADE’s Virtual Photo Booth will make your special occasions fun and memorable. 

Just like a conventional photo booth, a Virtual Photo Booth can be customized with your event theme or company brand, increasing your brand awareness and marketing your products or services. The best part of this whole experience is that it can be fully branded from the microsite screen, the photo template, to the unique messaging that goes out to your guests. For our corporate accounts, this product can also capture guests’ contact info and detailed analytics so you can continue your marketing outreach programs.

Take a test drive today! Simple to use! No apps or extra software needed! Entirely browser-based photos can be captured with any camera-enabled device anywhere, anytime!

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